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This fascinating guidebook reveals the true story of the Salem witch trials and describes more than fifty important sites you can visit today.Take a tour through time. Find the hidden paths and places where the so-called witches and their accusers walked in 1692 Salem. This book reveals the truth behind the myths and helps you locate the important houses, churches and streets of that terrifying time. Maps, photographs and detailed instructions for touring more than fifty sites will help you understand the Salem witch trials and the people who endured them.


Frances Hill answers your questions about the events of 1692 - what really happened and where. Myths and Misconceptions strips away the fictions and Halloween fantasy surrounding the witch trials.The True Story uncovers what really happened in fascinating detail.Where to Go and what to see exactly locates each important site linked to the witch trials and events surrounding them.


I don't know how Frances Hill did it. This book is not only a useful guide for anyone planning to visit the Salem/Danvers area to visit the remaining sites associated with the hysteria of 1692, but is also the best brief account of that troubled time that you could ask for. While slim, this paperback is compelling reading and does a better job of retelling this story in a vivid fashion than most longer accounts - as well as debunking several major misconceptions about the witch trials. The witch trials are an important part of early American history, and Hill does an exemplary job of disengaging them from the sideshow/Halloween tourist aspect that Salem has pursued over the past 20 years. As an affectionado of all things New England, I can't recommend this book enough to anyone with an interest in the trials.

- Danno

This book to me is a must have for any lover of Salem, or anyone interested in knowing the real story of the Witch Hunts. If you are planning a trip to Salem then this book is truly a must have as it tells you all the places to visit, what happened at those places, and most importantly directions on how to get to those places! Truly a wonderful book to have for all the information it provides.

- Heather M. Williams

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